Meridian Village is a settlement situated beneath the elevated Carja city of Meridian in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Village is home to many of the laborers and traders who work in the city. It can be accessed by large elevators, or by a road on the ground level.


Early History

It is unclear when Meridian Village was founded, but it was likely built by or during the reign of Sun-King Amavad, as the Royal Maizelands were constructed adjacent to the village.

For most of the Carja's history, Meridian Village was the home of the city's lower castes, whereas the nobles and Sun-Priests lived on the mesa above. Originally, the only path to the city was via a road around to the mesa. However, shortly before the Red Raids, a set of elevators was created with aid from the Oseram, allowing rapid transit between the main city and the village.

Battle for the Spire

In HADES' attack on Meridian, most of Meridian Village was burned to the ground by Corrupted machines and Deathbringers. The Shadow Carja defector Uthid was seen fighting in this area.


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