The Meridian Gate is a gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It controls access to the city of Meridian and is patrolled by Carja guards.


The Meridian Gate controls the primary route of entry to the Carja capital of Meridian. The gate itself is little more than an archway with a watchtower. However, the pathway from the gate is a wooden bridge, connecting the mainland to the mesa where Meridian is located. The ground nearby the gate is surrounded by the wares of artisans hoping to sell their products.


The Meridian Gate was constructed sometime after the founding of the Carja, made to control access to the mesa. Until the construction of the Meridian elevators, the Meridian Gate was the only way to access the city.

The Liberation

During the Liberation, the Meridian Gate was one of three locations where Avad's forces targeted their efforts. To get past the barricades, the gate was destroyed by Oseram cannons, allowing the Carja rebels and Oseram to break through to the city. On Avad's orders, the shots on the gate were the final shots fired at Meridian. Following the ascension of Avad to the throne, the gate was rebuilt.

In the following years, the area around Meridian Gate became an informal checkpoint for artisans trying to enter the city.

Ersa's Murder

When a body appearing to be Ersa's was found at Red Ridge Pass, the Carja military ordered all outlanders to submit to search before entering the city. This decision was met with protest from the artisans, whose businesses were hurt by the additional security.

Aloy, who had come to Meridian in search of the Oseram Olin, was stopped at the entrance to Meridian. It was there that she ran into Erend, who subsequently gave her permission to enter and leave Meridian as she pleased.

Battle with the Eclipse

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