Melee weapons allow the player to get up close and personal with enemies. They have a variety of uses such as stealthily taking out enemies, or smashing armor plates off machines.

A number of NPCs, both friendly and hostile, also use an assortment of melee weapons that are unavailable to the player. The weapons used are typically dependent on the faction and/or tribe. NPC-only weapons can be divided into two categories: One and two-handed weapons, each with their own moveset.

Melee Weapons

NPC Only


  • Axes (of differing makes and quality), used by Naunuk, bandits, mercenaries, and the Eclipse
  • Carja Sword, used by Avad, Helis, Nil, and Uthid. Some Shadow Carja can also be seen with these equipped, but are not used in gameplay.
  • Shock Baton, used by Eclipse Cultist Priests


  • Oseram Warhammer, used by Erend and the Vanguard
  • Explosive Staff, used by Elkend, Ullia, bandits, and some mercenaries
  • Tribal Spears
    • Banuk Spear, used by Banuk NPCs
    • Banuk Halberd, used by Anutai
    • Carja Spear, used by Vanasha, Carja and Shadow Carja Soldiers, and some Carja mercenaries
    • Nora Spear, used by Varl and Nora Braves
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