Mechanized Response Brigades, or MRBs, were American military units deployed during Operation: Enduring Victory in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Operation: Enduring Victory

In response to the apparently inevitable extinction of life on Earth due to the Faro Plague devastating the biosphere, the United States Robot Command (USRC), under the direction of General Aaron Herres, implemented a war plan called Operation: Enduring Victory. As part of this plan, Mechanized Response Brigades were sent out across the planet to slow down the Faro swarm and buy the time for Project Zero Dawn to be completed.

To this end, many Mechanized Response Brigades were heavily engaged and constantly on the move between warzones. Some, like the 9th MRB, became particularly good at killing Horus war robots, taking down one at Lithium Beach, another at Akron, Ohio, and even a third.

Known Units

3rd MRB

In December 2065, the 3rd Mechanized Response Brigade refused USRC recall orders from the Pensacola-Tallahassee defensive line, forcing court-martial proceedings.[1]

6th MRB

The 6th Mechanized Response Brigade is known to have assisted the 9th MRB in taking down a Horus robot at Lithium Beach.[2]

7th MRB

The 7th Mechanized Response Brigade was posted the New York Engagement Zone during December 2065 until it was recalled to reinforce the Wichita theater.[1]

9th MRB

The 9th Mechanized Response Brigade nicknamed themselves the "Wreckin' Recalls." They were known as skilled soldiers, taking down at least three Titan robots throughout their deployment.[1] During the first week of December 2065, they were stood down for refitting. However, they were eventually overrun and destroyed during a final battle at USRC headquarters in January of 2066.


10th MRB

The 10th Mechanized Response Brigade assisted the 9th MRB in taking down a Horus-class Titan robot from the Eastern Seaboard swarm ES-18 in Akron, Ohio during December 2065. After that, they were transferred from the California-Marine theater of operations.[1]

12th MRB

The 12th Mechanized Response Brigade was largely depleted in December 2065 during a skirmish with the Eastern Seaboard Faro swarm ES-17. Though they were overrun, they managed to inflict significant damage against the robots before withdrawing. [1]

15th MRB

The 15th Mechanized Response Brigade was at one point engaged with the California-Marine swarm. The MRB was known as the "Crazy 15th."[3]


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