The Main Embrace Gate is a gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is patrolled by Nora Braves and serves as the central entrance into the Embrace.


The gate is typical of Nora construction: logs fastened together with blue and white ropes. Two wooden bridges run above and below the gate, respectively.


Aloy first passed through this gate on her way to Mother's Crown as part of her Seeker quest. There she witnessed a group of Braves, including Varl, slay a corrupted Sawtooth. She met and befriended Varl, who directed her to Mother's Crown upon learning of her Seeker status. He also asked her to look for his mother, war-chief Sona, and the missing Braves near Mother's Rise.

Aloy visited the gate again on her way to aid the Nora during the Eclipse invasion. She found it wrecked and burned, and a dying Brave outside the gate informed her of the tribe's current state. Upon entering the gate, she faced off against a Corruptor and a Deathbringer.

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