The Lure Call is a learnable Forager skill in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Lure Call skill allows Aloy to get the inquisitive attention of a single enemy up to 60 meters away in a direct line of sight without alerting others nearby. Upon learning the skill, the player will be able to select and use the ability from the tool bar whenever a human enemy or machine is in the area. The target that is most centered in view will be lured by a whistle. In order to pinpoint the target, Aloy can point her weapon at the enemy to be lured before whistling.

The player can make extensive use of this skill to lead enemies away from a group, and if Aloy is hidden in grass or steam she can easily perform Silent Strikes or override a curious machine that approaches.

On Ultra Hard difficulty this skill must be used carefully as whistling twice within a short period of time at the same target or group of enemies will immediately alert them to Aloy's location, even if hidden in high grass. Additionally, whistling while any enemy is in a suspicious state will reveal her location to them.

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