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"No, it's -- my ring had come loose. That was my luck in the wild -- my mother's mother's, prized from a machine's jaws long past."

Luck of the Hunt is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Fearing a newly emerged Sawtooth in the hunting areas east of Mother's Crown, Taim asks for Aloy's assistance in gathering Boar Skins as well as recovering the lucky ring he dropped while fleeing the machine.

After harvesting four boar skins, either from within Taim's hunting area or other world locations, Aloy goes to the area where Taim believed he had lost his ring. Upon arriving, Aloy finds a boar carcass, with no visible wounds and frothing at the mouth. Upon closer inspection, Aloy finds that the boar has choked to death on an object - Taim's lucky ring.

Aloy then returns the ring and skins to a grateful Taim at the campfire just north of Mother's Crown. 


  1. Gather 4 Boar Skins
  2. Find Taim's Ring
  3. Investigate the Area
  4. Examine the Boar Carcass
  5. Return to Taim


  • If Aloy becomes Anointed before starting this errand, the dialogue will change slightly.



Luck of the Hunt - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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