Longnotch is a location in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. It is the easternmost camp in the Cut.


Longnotch is the closest camp to Thunder's Drum, located at the edge of the Chieftain's Drift. Like most Banuk settlements, it consists of little more than a few tents. The camp is mainly used to prepare for attempts on the mountain, and is generally unused otherwise.[1] Access to the mountain pass is controlled by Aratak's werak.


The werak led by Aratak came to Longnotch to prepare for their first march on Thunder's Drum. When the expedition ended in disaster, Aratak closed off access to the mountain's pass until the next expedition was ready.

During the time between marches, the Oseram Varga came to Longnotch in hopes of selling weapons, with little success.

Although expeditions to the mountain have ended following the second march on Thunder's Drum, the camp remains occupied.

Notable Residents


  • Gildun can be found at Longnotch after completing Waterlogged, and a conversation can be had with him. However, he will speak as if Firebreak and The Forge of Winter have not been completed.


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