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"With those legs, that machine looks as fast as it is loud. I'd better be careful."
Aloy, upon sighting a Longleg

The Longleg is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. It is a Reconnaissance Class machine. It is one of three known avian machines; however, it is incapable of flight. As a recon machine, it patrols on a constant lookout for perceived threats. Unlike its much smaller fellow recon machine the Watcher, it is able to scan and call reinforcements via radar as well as visually.


Like all combat-capable machines, Longlegs began appearing after the onset of the Derangement. They were presumably created by HEPHAESTUS upon deciding that it needed a recon machine that was combat-capable and much more dangerous to humans than Watchers. It is unclear whether it is a variation of a pre-Derangement machine or something new altogether.

The Oseram warlord Dervahl created a sonic weapon from a modified Longleg head and concussion sac, mimicking the machine's sonic blasts. He also had a number of them chained at his camp, likely for further experimentation and for security.

The Nora huntress Aloy saw Longlegs mainly at sites scattered throughout the Carja Sundom. She usually saw them guarding Zero Dawn terraformer herds or walking in machine convoys. She encountered them patrolling the approach to the Tallneck deployed at the location in The Jewel known as the Spearshafts. She also sold a Longleg Lens to the Carja trader Ranin.

Outside the Sundom, she encountered two Longlegs in the Cut. The Longlegs in The Cut are augmented by HEPHAESTUS, and are known as Daemonic Longlegs. Aloy encountered them as guards around one of HEPHAESTUS’ Control Towers, as well as inside the ancient Firebreak facility as part of a three-person expedition to HEPHAESTUS’ R&D cauldron, EPSILON.


As GAIA states that many machine designs are based off of extinct megafauna, it is possible that a Longleg's chassis is based off a phorusrhacid (terror bird). The head terminates in a vertical pair of sharp, beak-like structures, and is mounted on a long, flexible neck. Six optical sensors are located on each side of the head in the same position as a ratite’s eyes. Three antennae extend from the back of the head, from which the Longleg can emit a signal calling for reinforcements.[1] Mounted on the chest are a pair of bulbous components called Concussion Sacs. These are part of its scanning array, as well as powering one of its attacks. Each of its two short, flightless wings are equipped with three engines that emit jet-like blasts of flame, which the Longleg uses in attacks. Each of its two feet is equipped with a single claw. A power cell composed of a pair of components called Sparkers is mounted on its lower back.


Longlegs are mainly deployed in groups of no more than three to patrol around herds of Zero Dawn terraformers, allowing them to work without having to stop and watch for perceived threats. Each Longleg walks in a set circuitous path around the herd, frequently stopping to scan the surroundings. While scanning, unalerted (and even overridden) Longlegs are frequently seen firing their sonic blasts towards the horizon, scanning for humans and other threats in the tall grass with echolocation.

Longlegs guard the sole known Behemoth site. Pairs of Longlegs also escort Behemoths and Shell-Walkers in machine convoys.

An overridden Longleg can destroy another unalerted Longleg with a single strike.


Longlegs are fast and agile. They employ a number of Fire-based attacks using the engines on their wings, melee attacks using their beaks and claws, as well as a disorienting sonic attack using their Concussion Sacs. This attack was harnessed by the renegade Oseram warlord and inventor Dervahl to construct a sonic weapon capable of incapacitating human enemies. Aside from combat purposes, the Concussion Sacs can also be used as an echolocation device, emitting less powerful waves to detect hidden enemies, even those in tall grass. This makes the Longleg one of four machines that can detect the player when they are usually hidden in tall red grass, with the others being the Scrapper, Thunderjaw, and Scorcher.


A Longleg has two structural weaknesses: its Concussion Sacs and its power cell. Strikes on the Concussion Sacs with high-powered projectile weapons such as Precision Arrows from a Sharpshot Bow cause a concussive explosion that damages the machine, destroys the Concussion Sacs and disables the Longleg’s sonic attack and scanning ability. A strike on the one of the Sparkers in the Longleg’s power cell with a Shock arrow causes a damaging electrical explosion that immediately stuns the Longleg. Additionally, Longlegs are particularly susceptible to attacks from weapons that utilize Shock; repeated strikes from Shock weapons quickly inflict a Shock state, stunning the Longleg.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Stun blast does not work on other machines.

Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Jet Blast Fire-Icon.png Fire 190 - 1m - 50m Wings go back, soon after releases a fire wave
Beak Thrust Melee 160 - 10.5m - 15.5m Lunges and attempts to 'peck'
Chicken Scratch Melee 130 - 5m - 14m Jumps and scratches with legs
Dashing Claw Jump Melee 100 80 (7m radius) 5m - 7m Lunges and scratches with legs
Jumping Wing Blast Melee 180 - 5m - 13.5m Jumps up and slams down with an AOE
Stun Blast Sonic 0 - 1m - 30m Shrieks at target, incapacitating them for a short time

Horizon Forbidden West

Name Windup Time Damage Trigger Range Description
Sonic Stun Medium Deafened 0m - 30m
Ranged Heat Blast Medium Fire-Icon.png199

Fire-Icon.png89 buildup

0m - 50m
Beak Thrust Short 180 Melee 4.5m - 11m
Dashing Claw Jump Short 180 Melee

90 Melee (shockwave)

5m - 12m
Hovering Chicken Scratch Short 137 Melee 5m - 19m
360° Burning Wing Flap Medium 180 Melee

Fire-Icon.png 180

Fire-Icon.png 89 buildup

0m - 5m
Jumping Wing Blast Medium 180 Melee

Fire-Icon.png 180

Fire-Icon.png 89 buildup

7m - 20.5m


Horizon Zero Dawn

Component Image Information Weakness Strength
Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. Shock-Icon.png Shock None
Concussion Sac

Destroying this component disables ranged sonic attacks and triggers a compressed air explosion inflicting tear damage. Blowing a Concussion Sac will send a human flying several meters away.

All None
Alarm Signal
Destroying this component disables the ability to call reinforcements. Tear-Icon.png Tear None
Power Cell
Shooting with Shock arrows will trigger a Shock explosion. Sparker resource can be looted from this component. Shock-Icon.png Shock
Tear-Icon.png Tear
Destroying this component disables the charge attack. All None

Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden West


  • The attack "Chicken Scratch" was heavily inspired by videos of chickens attacking with their legs. This choice was a result of animator Richard Oud seeing the Longleg as "just a big chicken".



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