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This is a list of the most significant or striking real life locations used in the setting of Horizon Zero Dawn. For additional locations see Real World Location Info.

General Location

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in the states of Colorado and Utah, parts of northern Arizona and a very small part of Montana in the United States. Colorado is predominantly Nora territory. Utah is predominantly Carja territory.

The Frozen Wilds DLC added the Banuk territory, The Cut, to the HZD map. The Cut is based in the state of Wyoming in the United States, specifically in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Named Locations

Horizon Location Real Life Location
All-Mother Mountain and Proving Grounds All-Mother Mountain.jpg Cheyenne Mountain[1] and Pikes Peak, CO Cheyenne Mountain.png
Daybrink Daybrink.jpg Lake Powell, UT[2] Lake Powell.png
Devil's Grief Devil's Grief.jpg Denver, CO[3] Denver.png
Devil's Thirst Devil's Thirst.jpg Colorado Springs, CO[4] Colorado Springs.png
Devil's Thirst Bandit Camp Explorer Museum.jpg Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, CO[5] Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, in the old El Paso County Courthouse, Colorado Springs, Colorado LCCN2011631819.tif.jpg
GAIA Prime Gprime.jpg Kings Peak, UT[6] Kings Peak Utah.jpg
Gatelands and Sun-Steps Sun-Steps.jpg Arches National Park, UT Arches National Park.png
Greatrun River Greatrun River.jpg Colorado River, CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA, BN and SO Colorado River.png
Hollow Fort Bandit Camp Hollow Fort Bandit Camp.jpg Mesa Laboratory, CO[7] Mesa Laboratory.png
Hollow Hall FW Hollow Hall.png Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, WY RL Old Faithful Visitor Education Center front.jpg
Icerasps FW Icerasps 2.jpg Teton Range, WY RL Grand Teton Range.jpg
Meridian and the Alight Meridian-0.png Eagle Canyon, UT[8] Eagle Canyon.png
Mother's Crown Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition 20220213150648.jpg Garden of the Gods, CO Garden of the Gods.png
Red Echoes Red Echoes.jpg Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO[9] Red Rocks Amphitheatre.png
Ring of Metal Ring of Metal.jpg Empower Field at Mile High, CO[10] Empower Field at Mile High.png
Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp Shattered kiln bandit camp.jpg Provo Utah Temple, UT 1200px-Provo Utah Temple 4.jpg
Stone Yield Bandit Camp FW Stone Yield.png Mammoth Hot Springs, WY RL Mammoth Hot Springs 1.jpg
Sunfall Sunfall and Bryce Orbital.jpg Bryce Canyon National Park, UT[11] Bryce Canyon Amphitheater Inspiration Point 0663.jpg
Sun Furrows Sun Furrows.jpg Canyonlands National Park Needles District and Goblin Valley State Park, UT Goblin Valley State Park.jpg
The Cut FW The Cut Frozen Wilds.jpg Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, WY Grand Tenton National Park.png
The Grave-Hoard Hallet peak.jpg Hallet Peak and Flat Top Mountain, CO 1024px-Dream Lake.jpg
The Jewel The Jewel.jpg Monument Valley, UT and AZ[12] Monument Valley.png
Two-Teeth Bandit Camp Two teeth bandit camp.jpg Smuggler-Union Hydroelectric Power Plant, CO[13] Bridal-Veil-1.jpg
Valleymeet Valleymeet.jpg Maroon Bells, CO Maroon Bells.jpg

Unnamed Locations

Horizon Location Real Life Location
Devil's Grief
Ancient Cathedral in Devil's Grief Horizon Cathedral Devil's Grief.jpg Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, CO Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.png
Ancient Tower in Devil's Grief Ancient Tower in Devil's Grief.jpg Daniels & Fisher Tower, CO Daniels & Fisher Tower.JPG
Devil's Thirst
Ancient Cathedral in Devil's Thirst Ancient Cathedral in Devil's Thirst.jpg St. Mary's Cathedral, CO St marys cathedral in colorado springs.jpg
Ancient Ruins in Devil's Thirst Ancient Ruins in Devil's Thirst.jpg Colorado Springs City Hall, CO Colorado Springs City Hall.png
Ancient Statue in Devil's Thirst Ancient statue in devil's thirst.jpg Pikes Peak Range Memorial Statue, CO Pikes peak range memorial statue.png
Ancient Tower in Devil's Thirst Ancient Tower in Devil's Thirst.jpg Wells Fargo Tower, CO Wells Fargo Tower.png
Bend in the Greatrun River Greatrun River bend.jpg Horseshoe Bend, AZ Horseshoe Bend.png
Sacred Lands
Air Combat Academy VP 1 Air Combat Academy.jpg United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, CO 1024px-USAF Academy Chapel 2.jpg
Ancient Castle in the Sacred Lands Ancient Castle in the Sacred Lands.jpg Glen Eyrie, CO Glen Eyrie.png
Sun Furrows
Hoodoos in Sun Furrows Sun Furrows hoodoos.jpg The Three Sisters, UT The Three Sisters.png
Double Stone Arches in Sun-Steps Double Stone Arches in Sun-Steps.jpg Double Arch, UT Double Arch IMG 1264.jpg
Stone Arch in Sun-Steps Horizon Stone Arch.jpg Delicate Arch, UT Delicate arch sunset.jpg
Stone Arches in Sun-Steps Stone Arches in Sun-Steps.jpg The Windows, UT The Windows.jpg
The Cut
Ancient Arch in the Cut FW Ancient arch in the Cut.jpg Roosevelt Arch, MT RL Roosevelt Arch.jpg
Ancient Barn in the Cut FW Ancient Barn in the Cut.jpg John Moulton Barn, WY John Moulton Barn.png
Colorful Pool in the Cut FW Colorful pool in the Cut.jpg Morning Glory Pool, WY RL Morning Glory Pool 2.jpg
Pools in the Cut FW Grand prismatic and excelsior geyser.jpg Grand Prismatic Spring and Excelsior Geyser, WY RL Grand Prismatic Pool and Excelsior Geyser Crater (3952550025).jpg
Stalker Territory in the Cut FW Stalker territory in the Cut.jpg Old Faithful Inn, WY Old Faithful Inn.png
Waterfall in the Cut FW Waterfall in the Cut.jpg Yellowstone Falls, WY Yellowstone Falls.png
The Jewel
Mountain in the Jewel Navajomountain.jpg Navajo Mountain, UT and AZ Navajo Mountain.png
Mountain in Valleymeet Nw of lake where lakhir is found.jpg Maroon Peak, CO Maroon Peak.png


While the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is inspired by the Western United States, it is not a 1:1 replica. Several artistic liberties are taken regarding the relative distance between real locations and their position relative to the prime directions, or by bringing two faraway locations extremely close together and leaving out vast swaths of territory in between. While some locations are directly based on their real-life counterparts, some only take visual inspirations, and other locations don't exist in the real world to begin with. For these reasons, it is impossible for the game map to be accurately laid over a real map of the Western United States. These are some discrepancies between the game map and a real world map:

  • The Air Force Academy (including the chapel) is northwest of downtown Colorado Springs, but is depicted as being south/southwest in the game.
  • The Red Rocks Amphitheater is not located directly across from the city of Denver, but southwards.
  • Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks aren't located just north of Denver, but rather to the extreme north.
  • The game pushes the Provo Temple southwards, and completely deletes Salt Lake City off the map.
  • The Smuggler-Union Hydroelectric Power Plant is not on Maroon Peak.
  • The Delicate Arch, the Windows and the Double Arch are portrayed like they're next to each other. However, the distance between the Double Arch and the Windows in reality is at least twice the distance as in the game, and the Delicate Arch is to the far north of both of them.
  • The Colorado River is noticeably shorter, and the Horseshoe Bend is now in Utah instead of Arizona.
  • In the game, the Canyonland's Needles District and Goblin Valley are portrayed like they're next to each other, with Goblin Valley to the east. However, in reality, Goblin Valley is to the far northwest of the Canyonlands.
  • Lake Powell isn't located directly south of Bryce Canyon.
  • Eagle Canyon is drastically pushed southwards, even south of Lake Powell.


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