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This is a list of the most significant or striking real life locations used in the setting of Horizon Forbidden West. For additional locations see Real World Location Info.

General Location

Horizon Forbidden West is set in the Southwestern United States, in parts of southwest Utah, southern Nevada, and central California up to the Pacific coast.

Named Locations

Horizon Location Real Life Location
Bonewhite Tear Bonewhitetear.png Yosemite Valley, CA Yosemite Valley.jpg
Cliffs of the Cry Seasidecliffsofthecry.png Big Sur and the Santa Lucia Range, CA Big Sur.jpg
Dunehollow Dunehollow.png Las Vegas Strip, NV[1] Las Vegas Strip.png
Eastern Raintrace Rebel Outpost Rebel Outpost Raintrace East.jpg Interstate 5, CA, OR and WA Interstate 5.png
Isle of Spires IOS.png San Francisco, CA[2] San Francisco.png
Jagged Deep Jaggeddeep.png Lake Mead, NV and AZ Lake Mead.png
Ninmah Research Lab Kawich Peak, NV[3][4] Kawich Peak.png
No Man's Land Relic Ruins RRnomansland.png Zion Human History Museum, UT Zion Human History Museum.png
Plainsong HorizonForbiddenWestPlainsong.jpg Very Large Array, NM[5] Very Large Array.png
Regional Control Center 9 Mountainsabovethebase.png Hayford Peak, NV Hayford Peak.png
Restless Weald Relic Ruins RRrestlessweald.png Caliente Station, NV Caliente Station.png
Runner's Wild Relic Ruins RRrunnerswild.png Mammoth Lakes Lutheran Church, CA Mammoth Lakes Lutheran Church.png
Sheerside Mountains SSM.png Sierra Crest, CA Sierra Nevada.jpg
Straggler's Shade Straggler's Shade.png Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel, UT Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel.png
The Daunt Daunt.png Zion National Park, UT Zion National Park.png
The Daunt Relic Ruins RRthedaunt.png Zion Lodge, UT[6] Zion Lodge.jpg
The Long Coast Relic Ruins RRthelongcoast.png Fox Theater, CA Fox Theater.png
The Memorial Grove Mojave National Preserve, CA[7] Mojave National Preserve.png
The Stand of the Sentinels The Stand of the Sentinels.png Sequoia National Park, CA Sequoia National Park.png
The Stillsands Stillsands region.jpg Las Vegas, NV[8] Las Vegas.png
The Stillsands Relic Ruins RRstillsands.png The Forum Shops at Caesars, NV The Forum Shops at Caesars.png

Unnamed Locations

Horizon Location Real Life Location
Cliffs of the Cry
Ancient Bridge in the Cliffs of the Cry Cliffsofthecrybridge.png Bixby Creek Bridge, CA Bixby Creek Bridge.jpg
Ancient Arch in Dunehollow Arc de Triomphe, NV Arc de Triomphe.png
Ancient Tower and Building in Dunehollow Paris Las Vegas, NV Paris Las Vegas.png
Ancient Orb in Dunehollow Paris Balloon, NV Paris Balloon.png
Isle of Spires
Ancient Bridge near the Isle of Spires Golden Gate Bridge, CA Golden Gate Bridge.png
Ancient Building in the Isle of Spires San Francisco City Hall, CA San Francisco City Hall.png
Ancient Radio Tower in the Isle of Spires Sutrotower.png Sutro Tower, CA Sutro Tower.jpg
Ancient Pyramid in the Isle of Spires TApyramid.png Transamerica Pyramid, CA Transamerica Pyramid.jpg
Ancient Tower in the Isle of Spires Coittower.png Coit Tower, CA Coit Tower.jpg
Buried Cathedral in the Isle of Spires Grace Cathedral, CA Grace Cathedral.png
Cove in the Isle of Spires Union Square, CA Union Square.png
River in the Isle of Spires Lombardstreet.png Lombard Street, CA Lombard Street.png
Sunken Building near the Isle of Spires Ferrybuilding.png San Francisco Ferry Building, CA San Francisco Ferry Building.jpg
Sunken Cathedral in the Isle of Spires National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi, CA National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi.png
Sunken Island near the Isle of Spires Alcatraz.png Alcatraz Island, CA Alcatraz Island.jpg
Sunken Street near the Isle of Spires Jackson Street, CA Jackson Street.jpg
Sunken Stadium in Landfall Oracle Park, CA Oracle Park.png
No Man's Land
Ancient Dam in No Man's Land Hooverdam.png Hoover Dam, NV and AZ Hoover Dam.png
Ancient Aqueduct in the Raintrace LAaqueduct.png Los Angeles Aqueduct, CA Los Angeles Aqueduct.png
Beach in the Valley of the Fallen Mcwaycove.png McWay Cove, CA McWay Cove.png
Salt Bite
Lake in Salt Bite Saltbitelake.png Mono Lake, CA Mono Lake.png
Shrouded Heights
Sunken Palace in Shrouded Heights Palace of Fine Arts, CA[9] Palace of Fine Arts.png
The Long Coast
Sunken City near the Long Coast Oakland, CA Oakland.png
The Stillsands
Buried Building in the Stillsands Bellagio, NV Bellagio.png
Buried Ring in the Stillsands Desertferriswheel.png High Roller, NV High Roller.jpg
Buried Tower in the Stillsands The Strat, NV The Strat.png


While the world of Horizon Forbidden West is inspired by the Western United States, it is not a 1:1 replica. Several artistic liberties are taken regarding the relative distance between real locations and their position relative to the prime directions, or by bringing two faraway locations extremely close together and leaving out vast swaths of territory in between. While some locations are directly based on their real-life counterparts, some only take visual inspirations, and other locations don't exist in the real world to begin with. For these reasons, it is impossible for the game map to be accurately laid over a real map of the Western United States.

  • The distance between Zion National Park and Lake Mead is at least twice the distance in real life.
  • In real life, the Very Large Array is in New Mexico, whereas here it appears to be somewhere between Utah and Nevada.
  • The Memorial Grove is based on the Mojave National Preserve. However, there is no battlefield in it, nor is there a museum dedicated to said battlefield.
  • Yosemite Valley meets the sea at its western end, even though in real life it is 150 miles away from the Pacific Ocean.
    • In-game holograms of Earth show the entire Central Valley submerged beneath the sea, which could explain Yosemite's proximity to the coast. However, if all icecaps were to melt, it would cause sea levels to rise by about 70 meters, and some parts of the Central Valley (such as Fresno) are well over 90 meters above sea level, and other parts (such as the Sierra Buttes) are well over 600 meters above sea level. The floor of Yosemite Valley itself is 4000 ft (1219 meters) above sea level, so seawater penetrating that far is simply not plausible.