Kyran is a character in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series. He is a member of the Hunters Lodge, and leader of his own group of mercenary hunters, the Burnished Sons.


Kyran was born to a family of wealthy Carja nobles. As an adult, he became leader of the Burnished Sons, a group of hunters for hire; although Kyran was a competent hunter, attaining membership to the Hunters Lodge, the rest of his group was made up of Carja nobles with little or no hunting experience.

Rising Light

Kyran attempted to claim the hunting contract for the village of Rising Light from the Hunters Lodge, but the Lodge's leader, Sunhawk Talanah, refused on the grounds of his group's inexperience. After making repeated requests to Talanah for the contract, Kyran visited the Lodge in an effort to pressure the Lodge official Ligan to give it to him. Talanah appeared and confronted Kyran, and the two began to argue. As the disagreement escalated, Talanah accused Kyran's father of having bought his noble title, prompting Kyran to reach for his sword. At just that moment, however, Sun-King Avad entered the Lodge accompanied by his Vanguard. Facing the Sun-King's disapproval, Kyran and his men left the Lodge, promising to return.

Hunting the Clawstrider

Although Talanah eventually claimed the contract for herself, Kyran and the Burnished Sons traveled to Rising Light nonetheless, intent on fulfilling the contract regardless of who laid claim to it. They attempted to take down the Clawstrider that the contract specified, but Kyran's hunters failed to hit the fast-moving machine, downing several Grazers instead. Frustrated, Kyran berated the hunters, and demanded they leave their kills behind and continue to pursue the Clawstrider.

The Sons followed the machine north, where they eventually confronted it near a dilapidated manor. Although one hunter was killed in the battle, the group was able to defeat the Clawstrider, and proceeded to drag it off to Sunbreak Valley, where they intended to turn in the proof of their kill and receive the reward for the contract.

Upon reaching the valley, Kyran and the Sons met with the contract's issuer, a trapper named Duvad, who was accompanied by his own group of hunters. Duvad refused to pay the reward, however, pointing out that Kyran was not the contract's rightful owner, and that killing a single Clawstrider did not solve the issue of the larger pack it belonged to. Kyran protested that he deserved compensation for his losses, and began to negotiate a greater fee in return for hunting the other Clawstriders in the pack.

Before the two could reach a deal, they were interrupted by the arrival of a black-armored Clawstrider, which lunged out of the nearby woods and crushed one of the Sons. Simultaneously, Talanah burst out of the underbrush, shouting words of warning to the mercenaries. Recognizing that the Clawstrider had tracked and pursued the hunters, Kyran backed against a nearby rock in fear, calling for help while the machine advanced on him. At the last moment, Talanah intervened, stabbing the Clawstrider in the side and commanding Kyran to move, an order he quickly obeyed.

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