Kurnst is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Kurnst was outcast from the Nora tribe for beating a man who stole from him. He leads a small group of outcasts who, despite Nora customs, have banded together in the wilds for survival. With the rising threats of machines and bandits, the group turned to taking Dreamwillow from the Brave trails and leaving shards at the caches as a form of payment.

Associated Quests

Insult to Injury

When Aloy reaches the home of the alchemist Jun, she is told that the Dreamwillow she is seeking has been stolen by a band of outcasts. Aloy follows their trail and helps them fight off a herd of machines. After speaking with Aloy and explaining his side of the story, Kurnst agrees to give up some of his Dreamwillow, acknowledging that his group was overzealous in the amount they took.



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