Kestrel's Perch is a gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a gate patrolled by Shadow Carja guards. Its position on a cliff overlooking the Daybrink makes it a useful watchtower.


One of the soldiers posted at Kestrel's Perch was Atral, who was in a forbidden relationship with a Sun Carja noble named Elida. When Atral was caught signalling her via smoke signals, he was tortured for information by the other guards.

Sent by a concerned Elida, the Nora Aloy arrived soon after to investigate. Hearing Atral's cries of pain, Aloy killed every Kestrel at the gate, but was too late to save Atral.


  • This is the only gate location in the game where the occupants are actively hostile to Aloy and will attack on sight.


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