"Oh! I'm a husband of Gera's."

Kendert is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is the husband of Gera, and involved in the quest To Old Acquaintance.


When Gera leaves the Claim, Kendert follows the word of the ealdormen and remains behind. After some time, Kendert regrets his decision to stay and decides to travel to Hunter's Gathering to be with her. On his way, he is met with a sandstorm and in the process of seeking shelter from it, finds himself in the middle of a herd of Tramplers, scattering his goods and wounding him in the process. Managing to get himself to safety, he is found by Aloy who helps him retrieve his bottles of Scrappersap and points him in the direction of Daytower, where he reunites with Gera.

Associated Quests


  • After completing To Old Acquaintance, Kendert can be seen arm-wrestling Gera at Hunter's Gathering.
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