Karst's House is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn, found to the south of Mother's Cradle but north of the Southern Embrace Gate. There is a Merchant map icon at this location.


Karst lived in the Nora settlement of Mother's Heart until he was cast out from the tribe by the High Matriarchs after he was caught exploring the forbidden metal ruins in the Sacred Lands. He was sentenced to a five year term. When his shunning was finished, he returned to Mother's Heart and discovered that his old friends had moved.

Karst therefore decided to make a home for himself in the wilds of the Embrace, returning to the life he had grown accustomed to during his time as an outcast.

After the Eclipse attacked the Nora a second time, Aloy found his corpse outside his house, along with a destroyed Corrupted Watcher.


  • Karst's House is a location for one of the Grazer-shaped training dummies that must be destroyed to obtain the "Downed 23 Grazer dummies" trophy.


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