Kamut is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

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A Secret Shared

Kamut calls Aloy's attention, taking an interest in her spear when he "sees the blue light within it". While impressed with its craftsmanship (and dismissive of the idea of anyone but a shaman being capable of crafting it), Kamut notes it could be improved upon. He advises Aloy to head to the Drone Hangar to find a launch rail which can be used to modify the spear.

Aloy returns to Kamut, and he helps her attach the rail, allowing her to use modifications on the spear. When she asks why he is helping her, he explains his frustration with the Conclave's inaction regarding the anger of the machines, and believes a warrior like Aloy can help preserve the blue light.


  • The Blue Light that Kamut sees in Aloy's spear could reference its override ability.


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