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"I'm not one of your sisters. No woman can wear Carja armor."

Janeva is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn, and is the warden of the Carja prison known as Sunstone Rock.


When starting out as a soldier, rumors about Janeva's gender circulated among the other Carja. In response, Janeva threatened to break their arms, which proved effective at shutting down the soldiers' gossip "once enough arms had been broken."

Janeva eventually joined Sun-King Avad's honor guard, and was later assigned to the position of warden at Sunstone Rock. Avad noticed that Janeva generally believed criminals were beyond saving, thus he personally appointed Janeva to command the prison as a lesson in the power of rehabilitation.

Associated Quests

Sunstone Rock

After clearing out the Behemoths attacking Sunstone Rock, Aloy enters the prison and speaks with Warden Janeva, who informs her that three prisoners from the isolation chambers escaped during the machine attack. Janeva offers a bounty for each of them and reveals what little information they know about their possible whereabouts.

The Looming Shadow

Janeva appears at the preparations at the Ridge if the player completes Sunstone Rock.


  • Janeva's gender is not stated. Given that they insist to Aloy that they are "not one of [her] sisters", it is possible that they are either trans-masculine or nonbinary. Janeva has not stated any pronouns.
  • Additionally, while no official information has been released as to Janeva's gender identity or Carja naming conventions, given Janeva's conversation with Aloy and that all the provided Carja names end in a consonant sound for men and a vowel sound for women, regardless of their gender identity, Janeva was most likely assigned female at birth.


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