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"The Sun called for blood. There was no choice but to obey."
―Abiding Jahamin

Jahamin, also known as the Abiding Jahamin, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Jahamin is a Sun-Priest encountered at the Shrine of Kings outside Meridian. Jahamin is a loyalist of the 13th Sun-King Jiran who disapproves of the tribe's direction under his son, the Radiant Avad.

Jahamin is one of the few Sun-Priests loyal to the Mad King Jiran who chose to remain in Meridian with the Carja tribe when Jiran was killed. Most of the Mad King's loyalists defected to Sunfall, now the Shadow Carja capital. Because Jahamin remains in Meridian despite his hardline religious and cultural views, he clashes with the younger Sun-Priests who are more accepting of other tribes.

Associated Quests

Honor The Fallen

The Sun-Priest Mournful Namman asks Aloy to help an Oseram pilgrim named Brageld honor his deceased lover by visiting the Shring of Kings, a statue of the Mad King Jiran built by Oseram slaves. Aloy must confront Jahamin who is taking advantage of his position as a Sun-Priest and treating the Shrine of Kings as his personal retreat, refusing to allow any of the Oseram to enter. Jahamin considers the Oseram to be defilers with no respect for Jiran and hopes to keep them away from the shrine.

When Aloy arrives, Jahamin attempts to shoo her away. However, Jahamin's loyalist views removed any authority, and he was unable to stop her from entering. He warned that there would be a reckoning, to which Aloy coldly responded that he would run away from.


  • Jahamin's robes are highly similar to the ones worn by Bahavas, with the exception of the color.


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