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"The glory of the Carja is the Sun's glory, reflected. We Sun-Priests are but glimmers of its great light."
―The Reverent Irid

Irid, also known as the Reverent Irid, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Sun-Priest of the Carja tribe.


Irid grew up in Meridian Village and now lives in Meridian, although his duties as a Sun-Priest require him to travel to distant lands. He is first encountered when he visits Mother's Heart as a member of the foreign envoy sent by Sun-King Avad to visit the Nora tribe during the Proving ceremony and deliver a message of apology for the actions of the 13th Sun-King.

He is later seen in Meridian at the Temple of the Sun in the southwestern part of the city.


Irid is devout to the traditions of the Priesthood, seeing himself as an instrument of the Sun-King's will, and believing the Sun-King to be infallible by nature. He appears for the most part to be a good-natured man, although his dedication to his culture limits his ability to interact with other tribes.

Associated Quests

Mother's Heart

Aloy reaches Irid just as he begins to read Avad's message. The Nora, still bitter over the Red Raids, start pelting him with fruit. Luckily for Irid, Erend steps forth and soothes the Nora before the situation escalates further. With the crowd successfully calmed, Irid continues without interruption. Aloy can speak to Irid following the Blessing if she chooses. Irid will explain more about himself and Carja culture.


  • If Aloy chooses to speak to Irid at the Temple of the Sun, Irid will explain more about the Temple and the practices of Carja worship. If Honor The Fallen has not been started, Irid will ask her to speak with his friend Namman.


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