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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

"Steam and smoke, geysers and funeral pyres. You'll see."

Into the Frozen Wilds is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Obtaining the quest

The player must have at least completed the main quest The Womb of the Mountain, at which point they may discover Yariki just north of the Grave-Hoard, who will point them towards Song's Edge. If they ignore Yariki, the quest will automatically trigger when entering Song's Edge.

Alternatively, the player can talk to either Ohtur at Daytower, or Rhavid on the path Meridian, south of Cut-Cliffs, who will both offer the quest.

Visiting the Cut

With rumors surfacing about dangerous new machines and a mysterious miasma claiming the lives of several Banuk hunters, Aloy journeys to The Cut to investigate.

Following the path beyond The Grave-Hoard, Aloy encounters a wounded but ferocious new machine, a Daemonic Scorcher. Dispatching the machine, she continues on. As she nears the mountaintop, her presence is declared by a Banuk scout who welcomes her to The Cut. Passing through the mountain, Aloy is met with a view of Thunder's Drum looming in the distance, a dark plume of ash continuously billowing from its peak. Noticing a cloud of smoke rising from the nearby village, Aloy enters the Banuk settlement of Song's Edge. Joining the gathering of people, she watches as the Banuk shamans perform the funeral rituals for the hunters that fell during an expedition to the Thunder's Drum. The crowd is then addressed by Aratak, chieftain of the werak that had made the journey, who rallies his hunters to return to the mountain and avenge their fallen kin.

Once the crowd disperses, Aloy learns from the Oseram trader Burgrend that the Banuk shaman Ourea had led the expedition to Thunder's Drum in an attempt to protect an entity known as The Spirit from The Daemon. For reasons not yet entirely understood, the Daemon's presence has caused the increased ferocity and emergence of new machines across The Cut. Intrigued by the Daemon's influence on the machine's behavior, Aloy asks to see Ourea, but Burgrend informs her that she departed soon after returning from the mountain. He instead points her in the direction of her apprentice, Naltuk, who was rumored to be heading north of the river to investigate reports of sudden attacks in the snow and new machines. After briefly discussing Sylens and the nature of Banuk weraks, Aloy continues north to find Naltuk. 


  1. Explore the Cut. Rumors are spreading of strange events in 'The Cut,' Banuk lands found north of the Grave-Hoard.
  2. Investigate the Source of the Smoke



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