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"I'll never be the crafter she was, but she did pass along a few tricks. I'd be happy to take a look at your spear."

In Her Mother's Footsteps is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


An injured Nora father, Thok, asks for Aloy's assistance in finding his daughter, Arana, who has gone in solitary pursuit of her mother's spear embedded in a Scrapper.

The spear, made by Thok's deceased wife and Arana's mother, Edena, became lodged in a Scrapper after Thok failed to defeat it. Given the sentimental value of the spear and despite her father's protests, Arana sets out to retrieve the spear.

While searching for his daughter, Thok's leg gives out, rendering him unable to continue. After she stumbles upon him, he asks Aloy for her assistance.

Aloy finds Arana stranded on a platform with four Watchers prowling below. After taking out the Watchers, Arana jumps down to thank Aloy. Agreeing to get the spear back herself, she sends Arana back to her father. Using her Focus, Aloy follows Arana's steps to just outside of Mother's Cradle. From there Aloy picks up the trail of the Scrapper, following it across a river to a herd of other Scrappers and Watchers near the Southern Embrace Gate.

Aloy recovers Arana's spear from the marked Scrapper and comments on the strong crafting ability of its maker. She returns to Arana and Thok to receive their gratitude. As a reward, Thok upgrades Aloy's spear. 


  • Find Arana
  • Kill the Watchers
  • Talk to Arana
  • Follow Arana's Tracks
  • Follow the Scrapper's Tracks
  • Recover Arana's Spear
  • Return to Thok



In Her Mother’s Footsteps - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If this quest is completed before The Heart of the Nora, Arana and Thok will be present in All-Mother Mountain.
  • Arana will give different remarks while trapped depending on Aloy's approach to eliminating the Watchers. If the player fights openly, she will cheer for Aloy, while stealthy takedowns will have her confused of what's happening to the Machines.
  • The spear damage upgrade will be carried over to Sylens' Lance when acquired.
  • Completing this quest after completing The Proving gets the player slightly different dialogue.
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