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"Thank you. I - I didn't want to die in foreign lands like my men."

In Foreign Lands is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After word of the Corruption reached Daytower, Captain Balahn sent a number of patrols east to investigate, with all confirming the threat. Balahn ordered the gate to be closed, but learned only afterwards that some men were left behind. One party was attacked outside the Forsaken Village with a single soldier, Walid, managing to escape and report back to Balahn, under orders from Lakhir. Wary of the lingering tension between the Nora and Carja, Balahn admits that he does not want to risk sending more guards so close to the Sacred Lands, and thus requests Aloy's assistance in finding the lost men in return for any information she may desire on the Carja and the Sundom in general.

Journeying back to the Forsaken Village where the party was attacked, Aloy examines a guard's corpse. Due to a lack of other corpses, Aloy concludes the survivors retreated. Using her Focus to follow the guards' tracks, Aloy stumbles upon another body, beginning to worry that she may not find any survivors. As she continues though she is brought to a small hut and campfire by the water where she finds a Carja guard's helmet. Continuing to follow the tracks, Aloy comes to a lake, finding a considerable amount of blood by the shore, deducing a machine dragged someone into the water.

With hope that the guard made it to the island in the middle of the lake, Aloy swims across to find a trail of blood. Following the trail and the sound of singing, Aloy finds a wounded, half-clothed Lakhir who explains he was attacked by a Snapmaw, losing his bow and armor in the fight. After killing said Snapmaw and retrieving his bow, Lakhir thanks Aloy; however, he refuses to be led out by a Nora and instead insists he will find his own way back.


  1. Investigate the Forsaken Village
    1. Examine the Corpse
  2. Follow the Tracks
    1. Examine the Corpse (Optional)
  3. Investigate the Area
  4. Follow the Tracks
  5. Investigate the Area
  6. Find Lakhir on the Island
  7. Talk to Lakhir
  8. Kill the Snapmaw
  9. Recover Lakhir's Bow
  10. Return to Lakhir



In Foreign Lands - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • After completing the quest, Balahn will speak with Aloy about Lakhir returning.
    • However, it is possible for him to still end a conversation with Aloy with a request to keep him informed on the fate of the patrol, despite him now knowing what happened.
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