"How about you, Aloy? Up for a challenge?"

Ikrie's Challenge is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Following the events of the side quest The Survivor, Ikrie can be found at the Snowchants Hunting Grounds where she has decided to camp out for the time being. When Aloy visits, Ikrie calls out to her and offers a challenge.

Ikrie explains that Lauvuk has agreed to allow her to use the Hunting Grounds on her own terms and she has developed a challenge to perform alongside Aloy.

To complete this challenge, Aloy will have to defeat 4 Scrappers, 3 Grazers, 2 Tramplers and 1 Fire Bellowback to get the gold medal. The amount of ammunition is also limited to only 5 Fire Arrows, 30 Hunter Arrows, and 25 Hardpoint Arrows.


  • 3rd place (Bronze): 5/5 Machines Killed
  • 2nd place (Silver): 8/8 Machines Killed
  • 1st place (Gold): 10/10 Machines Killed



Ikrie's Challenge - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

Tips and Tricks

  • The trial does not have a time limit nor ranking based on completion speed, so precision and caution should be prioritized.
  • On this trial, Aloy will only be equipped with her current outfit and an unmodified Shadow Hunter Bow. Use of an outfit that heals over time (such as the Banuk Werak Runner or Banuk Werak Chieftan outfits) can greatly assist Aloy's survivability.
  • The number of arrows is the same regardless of difficulty.
  • Shooting the last arrow while still having the Fire Bellowback alive will end the trial, even if it is a Fire Arrow that is about to trigger a Blaze explosion that could have killed the last machine.
  • Frozen Machines are more vulnerable to Impact Damage, taking less arrows to kill than those that are not. This also affects the durability of their components before breaking.
  • There are 4 logpile traps in the arena; making a note of their location and using them to take down groups of small machines or deal massive damage to larger ones can save a lot of arrows, especially useful on higher difficulties
  • When dealing with the Scrappers, aim for the radar device or the Power Cell. This deals more damage compared to shooting the body. Getting to higher ground where they cannot follow is a good way to get a clear shot and avoid interruptions by physical attacks, but Scrappers can resort to ranged attacks which might force players to take cover to save their life.
  • Shoot Blaze canisters on frozen Grazers with Hunter Arrows for high damage. Alternatively, use Fire Arrows on the canisters to trigger an explosion.
  • Destroying a Trampler's processing unit will set them ablaze, which will result in them slowly burning to death.
    • However, if Ikrie freezes them again it will override the burning effect. Lure them away before destroying the processing unit.


  1. Inside the Extraordinary Reward Box for First Place
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