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The Icerail is a close-ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. It fires a close-ranged attack that deals low amounts of damage but has high Freeze severity.

The weapon is first given to Aloy as reward for completing the quest For the Werak. It can later be purchased from Special Merchants in The Cut.

The Upgraded version can be first obtained by completing the quest Geared Up: Icerail, which afterward makes it available for purchase in The Cut's special merchants.


The original Icerail only deals Ice damage through Icethrower ammo, and the weapon can hold 20 charges at a time; the pouch can hold up to 60 charges when fully upgraded. The Improved version is capable of massive impact damage through the Ice Cannon, which can hold 12 shots with a fully upgraded pouch.

Numbered damage values are displayed from left to right following the order of easiest difficulty to hardest. Elemental damage remains the same from Easy to Very Hard. Numbers in Bold apply to Normal difficulty.

Ammo Type Variant DamageDamage-Icon.png Elemental
Severity Freeze-Icon.png
Icethrower BasicFW
AdeptFW NG+
N/A 113-75-38
Ice Cannon ImprovedFW
AdeptFW NG+
1.200-375-300-270-240-210 75-50-25

Ammo and Modification Slots by Variant

Variant Icethrower Ice Cannon Mod Slots
BasicFW Icethrower.png 1
ImprovedFW Icethrower.png Ice Cannon.png 2
AdeptFW NG+ Icethrower.png Ice Cannon.png 3

Acquisition Details

Variant Sources Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
BasicFW For the Werak N/A N/A Unknown
MetalShardsTransparent.png 750
1 Fireclaw Lens
MetalShardsTransparent.png 3,750
2 Fireclaw Lens
ImprovedFW Varga Thunderjaw Mandible Thunderjaw Mandible MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,500
1 Frostclaw Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 7,500
2 Frostclaw Heart
AdeptFW NG+ Varga Thunderjaw Mandible Thunderjaw Mandible MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
MetalShardsTransparent.png 3,000
1 Frostclaw Heart
50 Blaze
MetalShardsTransparent.png 15,000
2 Frostclaw Heart
100 Blaze


  • The original form of the Icerail is supposedly crafted to also support melee combat, being the Chieftain Aratak's spear. Varga completely omitted the function, however, when she upgraded it. A similar situation can be seen with the Forgefire and Stormslinger.
  • The Max damage of a Triple-nocked Banuk Powershot bow and Ice Cannon are the same, but the Ice Cannon's shot has no spread.
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