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"You've come all the way from the Savage East, right? You must have come across some of our Hunting Grounds."

Hunting for the Lodge is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


While venturing in the Sacred Lands, Aloy encounters Cren, a Nora outcast. He explains that in an attempt to hone his skills, he injured himself while participating in one of the trials at the Nora Hunting Grounds, which he nonetheless recommends to Aloy. This encounter introduces Aloy to the Hunting Grounds.

Conversing with one of the Keepers at any of the Hunting Grounds, Aloy learns they are managed by the Hunters Lodge, an organization in Meridian dedicated to hunting machines. In order to gain admittance, Aloy must earn at least three Half Suns, marks rewarded after successfully completing trials at hunting grounds.

Upon earning the Suns, Aloy makes her way to the Hunters Lodge in Meridian. There she is welcomed at the entrance by Ligan, giving her the title of "Fledgling" and directing her to the leader of the Lodge, Sunhawk Ahsis.

Recognizing Aloy as the machine-rider and a Nora, and therefore an outsider, he immediately treats Aloy with contempt. Brushing off Ahsis' attempts at dismissing her, Aloy persists in becoming a member and thus is told to talk to Talanah. Talanah tells Aloy that if she wants to be accepted as a hunter worthy of the Lodge, she should gather three Sawtooth trophies, two Ravager trophies and one Stalker trophy.

After collecting these, Aloy delivers the trophies to Ahsis who spitefully tells her that Talanah should be focusing on Redmaw instead of helping her. 


  1. Complete 3 Trials at any of the Hunting Grounds and qualify for three Half Sun rewards.
  2. Talk to Ligan
  3. Find a Sponsor; A Hunter's Lodge Hawk must sponsor a new Thrush.
    1. Talk to Ahsis
    2. Talk to Talanah
  4. Gather the Machine Trophies
    1. Gather 3 Sawtooth Trophies
    2. Gather 2 Ravager Trophies
    3. Gather a Stalker Trophy
  5. Deliver the Trophies to Ahsis



Hunting for the Lodge - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • Ligan's welcome to Aloy if she is accepted as a fledging of the Hunter's Lodge is slightly different if The Sun Shall Fall has been completed.
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