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"Time and troubles mostly pass Hunter's Gathering by."

Hunter's Gathering is a human settlement and permanent camp in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is located in the Valleymeet, near the border between the Nora Sacred Lands and the Carja Sundom.


Hunter's Gathering is one of the few locations that does not have a specific tribal allegiance. Nora, Carja, Oseram, and Banuk tribe members are all encountered at this camp.

Because Nora law forbids outsiders from entering their territory, some Nora venture to Hunter's Gathering for the opportunity to trade with other tribes. The nearby outpost of Daytower marks the eastern edge of the Carja territory and thus Hunter's Gathering is often bustling with traders hoping to do business in the Sundom.


Hunter's Gathering was formed following the end of the Red Raids. While it is unclear how the settlement formed, the nearby Hunting Ground suggest that Hunter's Gathering came afterwards, likely in response to the resulting increase in traffic in the region.

While the Nora chose not to reclaim the Valleymeet region, they did not deem the region as part of the Tainted Lands and therefore permitted tribespeople to come and go to Valleymeet as they pleased. As a result, Nora and outlanders were allowed to interact freely for the first time in their history, although few Nora ventured to the settlement.

Associated Quests

To Old Acquaintance

This quest is received by speaking to Gera after completing the main quest "A Seeker at the Gates." She asks Aloy to search for her missing husband, Kendert.


When Aloy first arrives at Hunter's Gathering, she sees Lubavad trying to convince Opitak to search the Sacred Lands for his missing caravan. Opitak refuses, but Aloy agrees to help. The quest can also be obtained by finding the caravan first and speaking to Marzavid, who then directs Aloy to pick up supplies from Lubavad and return.


  • Two of the Grazer-shaped training dummies that must be destroyed to obtain the "Downed 23 Grazer dummies" trophy are found here.