Hunters surveying the land

Hunters are humans specifically trained in the hunting of machines. They are commonly equipped with specialized weapons and are well-trained in stalking, archery, and evasive maneuvers.


Aloy's tribe, the Nora, is said to have been the first to hunt machines, sometime after the collapse of human civilization. Nora hunters are referred to as Braves, and hunt their prey using bows and Ropecasters, while also gathering sustenance.[1] They also defend the tribe from hostile human invaders.

The Carja are more organized in their hunts. They keep detailed records of these hunts and the fates of past hunters at the Hunters Lodge. Among the Carja, machine hunters who are members of the Lodge are known as Hawks.

Aloy has the distinction of being the only individual in history to hold the status of both Brave and Thrush (apprentice Hawk), in addition to her title of Seeker.


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