Horizon Wiki

This page contains all the guidelines required to be followed in editing the wiki. These guidelines are meant to establish consistency between articles, and help maintain the wiki's organization.

Please note that failing to adhere to the guidelines will result in a warning, and consistently problematic or disruptive editors may incur a ban.

Page creation

  • When creating a new page, include at least one sentence of descriptive content and the appropriate templates and categories.
  • All page titles should be singular (e.g. Metal Flower, Health Potion). Exceptions to the rule can be found in Wikipedia's naming conventions.
  • Wiki templates such as navboxes, infoboxes, and banners should be used when appropriate. Please refer to the wiki's page on template usage for more information. See Help: Templates
  • All critical names must be linked to the appropriate page in the wiki. See Help: Links
  • Only the first instance of the critical name will be linked, all subsequent names will be in plain text.
  • Section headers should use sentence case, not title case.


  • When uploading images, be sure the image has a descriptive file name. A title like "image123023" does not help users identify your image.
  • Avoid uploading low quality images. Images should not be screenshots of YouTube videos or other streaming sites if an alternative source exists.
  • Avoid adding images to articles if they do not substantially differ from existing images or add meaningful representation to the article's subject.
  • Do not upload images taken from other websites or content creators.
  • Unless there is a clear issue with an image or an image is marked for replacement, please do not upload a new version of it.

Images that do not adhere to these guidelines may be deleted.

Writing style

  • Use American English.
  • Use "the player" when speaking of events that happen in the real world (e.g. the player has to press R1 to melee attack). Use "Aloy" when speaking of events that happen in the game (e.g. Aloy discovers the GAIA Prime location).
  • All Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) names must be capitalized (e.g. GAIA, HADES).


  • Past tense is to be used for all character biographies (e.g. Aloy, Rost) and any events occurring in the Old Ones' Timeline (e.g. Ted Faro and Elisabet Sobeck were rivals as their beliefs clashed).
  • Present tense is to be used for all in-game events (e.g. Main Quests, Side Quests), and all subjects that still exist in Aloy's timeline (e.g. Wildlife, Resources)


  • As a general guideline, please take a look at the blog post made by Lacrossedeamon on how we will categorize the wiki.
  • Any page belonging to a subcategory should not also be put under the parent category (e.g. Tearblaster is in the Ranged Weapons subcategory, it must not be found in the parent category Weapons).
  • All category titles will be plural.


  • Avoid adding speculation or personal opinion to the trivia section.
  • If you are presenting a fact that can not be easily checked, please be sure to link to a source.