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Horizon Forbidden West is an upcoming video game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, planned for release in 2021.[1] It was officially revealed during Sony's The Future of Gaming reveal event for the PlayStation 5, and is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.


Horizon Forbidden West continues the story of Aloy, a young huntress of the Nora tribe sent on a quest to a mysterious frontier spanning Utah to the Pacific coast to find the source of a mysterious plague that kills all it infects. On her journey across the uncharted lands of the Forbidden West, she encounters hostile regions filled with natural threats and ravaged by massive storms, dangerous enemies and deadly machines, both new and old. As Aloy attempts to explore the wider and deeper parts of the Forbidden West, she discovers a vast array of diverse environmental ecosystems, including lush valleys, dry deserts, snowy mountains, tropical beaches and ruined cities, both above and below the water.[3]


  • Players are able to explore wider and deeper into a bigger map compared to the previous game.
  • Underwater exploration is a new element that allows players to uncover the mysteries beneath the surface of seas, lakes and rivers.[4]


New machines

Returning machines


Set in an open world of post-apocalyptic CaliforniaUtah and Nevada, the game will explore the setting of a mysterious location known as the Forbidden West.[7] The game will feature a multitude of iconic locations including a ruined San Francisco and the Yosemite Valley with various biomes.[8]


  • The setting of Horizon Forbidden West, the Forbidden West, was alluded to multiple times throughout Horizon Zero Dawn. Rumors of the region's more dangerous machines and mysterious tribes were repeatedly mentioned, serving as a hint to the location of the next game.
  • Horizon Forbidden West will take advantage of the PlayStation 5's Dualsense controller to support haptic feedback, enhancing the player immersion experience.[9] With the increased processing power and inclusion of a custom solid state drive storage in the PlayStation 5, the game will feature near instantaneous load times and a wide variety of enemies, visual effects, and objects within gameplay scenes.[10] 
  • The game will feature an updated version of the Decima engine.[11]





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