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"Stouts? Stews? Streakers? We got it all!"
―Oseram worker

Hidden Ember is a settlement in Horizon Forbidden West. Prior to the completion of The Sea of Sands, this settlement is named The Tower of Tears.


Hidden Ember is situated over the ruins of the Old World city Las Vegas. Prior to completing The Sea of Sands it is inhabited only by three Oseram who belong to a performing troupe: Morlund, Abadund and Stemmur. A workbench is made available to Aloy after completing two tasks as part of the quest. Upon completion of the quest, the region is filled with holograms depicting what Las Vegas used to look like.

After completing the mission, Aloy promises to return to "look in on" the men, who decide to stay and develop a settlement. Upon returning to the area after a period of time elapses, Aloy finds the settlement of Hidden Ember has been established, with most of the amenities of larger villages. The holograms remain visible day and night and extend through most of the former Las Vegas region.


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