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"He can be intimidating to others, but don't let that deceive you. He is a man of his word."

Hekarro is a character in Horizon Forbidden West. He is the Chief of the Tenakth tribe.


Early Life[]

Hekarro was born in the Lowland Clan's capital of Thornmarsh and eventually became Commander of his clan. He trained with the legendary Tenakth soldier, the Enduring, and became known as the most fearsome warrior the tribe had ever known.

Hekarro was once like many Tenakth warlords, orchestrating battle against the other clans. However, this all changed one fateful day; after taking the Memorial Grove, Hekarro stood all alone in the Grove after killing all of his enemies and witnessed AETHER (in its escape from GAIA's self-destruction) fly into the processing core beneath the Grove. Its appearance briefly triggered the activation of a Vision that contained a call for peace and unity in lieu of war against machines. To Hekarro, the Vision was a message from the Ten.

From that day onward, Hekarro swore to unite the clans. To that end, he became the tribe's first Chief, and created the Marshal position to build a group of peacekeepers free from any clan affiliation. His call for unity was met with mixed reception by the more cantankerous members of the tribe, but was ultimately successful.

Red Raids[]

Under Hekarro's leadership during the Red Raids, the Tenakth purged the invading Carja forces from the Forbidden West. He refused to push further and enter the Sundom, recognizing the futility of such an endeavor. This was the beginning of the fracture between Hekarro and his greatest Marshal, Regalla, who wanted to completely destroy the Carja and everything related to them for the brutal deaths of her brothers.

During the Raids, a Carja soldier named Fashav was captured and brought for execution. As a last resort, Fashav demanded a chance in the Kulrut: impressed (and according to Fashav himself, intrigued), Hekarro granted Fashav the opportunity. Fashav would become one of his Marshals, and through it earned Hekarro's respect yet disdain from Regalla. The straining relationship came to a head when a Sun Priest came as a delegate from Sun-King Avad declaring an end to the raids. The priest and Hekarro agreed to form an Embassy at the border between the East and the West. Regalla challenged Hekarro for the position of Chief over this agreement. After a brutal fight (which left Hekarro with seven scars), he bested Regalla in single-combat. Finding himself unable to kill her, Hekarro chose instead to exile her, a decision he would come to regret.


Two years after the Liberation, Hekarro decided to return Fashav to the Sundom: his hope was for Fashav to serve as a bridge between the two tribes, facilitating a cultural exchange of mutual benefit. However, the Embassy was attacked in a coordinated assault by Regalla. Most of Hekarro's Marshals, including Fashav, were killed in the attack, which would serve as the start of Regalla's rebellion.

The attack at the Embassy was a powerful first blow to Hekarro, robbing him many of his Marshals and much of his ability to hold the tribe together with them. He would need to hold another Kulrut to rebuild the Marshals, but this was problematic; the Sky Clan's commander Tekotteh refused to send champions to compete, intending to holdout in the Bulwark and wait out the rebellion. Even if he could gain Tekotteh's compliance, Hekarro knew that Regalla would attack the Kulrut in order to kill him in front of all three clans.

A solution would come with Aloy, the outlander who defeated Regalla's champion Grudda at Barren Light. Her search for GAIA's missing subordinate functions led her to the Grove, where AETHER lay in the chamber beneath the throne. While unaware of its nature, Hekarro recognized the item she spoke of when she requested it: he agreed to give her access to the chamber, on the condition that she first force Tekotteh's compliance and defend the Kulrut.

As Hekarro predicted, Regalla attacked the Kulrut, but he was unprepared for the attack from underground. When Regalla reached Hekarro, the two dueled once more. Hekarro gained the upper hand but faltered when the jet above the throne began to fall. His life was saved by the quick thinking of Aloy, who redirected the jet to fall in between Regalla and Hekarro, forcing Regalla to retreat. With Aloy having fulfilled her end of the bargain, Hekarro fulfilled his, granting Aloy access to AETHER. Upon Aloy's retrieval of the subordinate function, the Visions of the Grove regained life, and the Vision of Unity that changed Hekarro's life reactivated. For the Tenakth who witnessed it, the Vision was the ultimate vindication of Hekarro's aspirations, and they gave their salute to the Chief.

Final battle[]

Regalla returned with her army in another assault on the Grove. She and a rebel entourage had Hekarro and two Marshals, Kotallo and Ivvira, pinned next to the Arena. Before she could kill the Chief, Aloy arrived atop a Sunwing after single-handedly destroying her army, and challenged her to a duel. Hekarro officiated the duel and Regalla was soon defeated. He encouraged Aloy to kill Regalla but leaves the decision to her. Whatever decision she made, Hekarro volunteered to send the tribe to help her in her fight but she declined, citing that the tribe needed him now more than ever to keep the peace. Hekarro later paid his respects to the fallen Regalla at her funeral.

Hekarro would later be approached by Kotallo, who asked for his aid against Nemesis.


Imposing in both stature and mind, Hekarro is considered the greatest warrior the Tenakth have ever produced. He commands respect even in the presence of his enemies, leading by example and a firm but merciful hand. Far wiser than he may seem at first glance, Hekarro is a shrewd negotiator and strategist, having correctly predicted Regalla's strategy and understanding how to forge alliances.

While a fearsome man, Hekarro is driven not by conquest, but a desire for lasting peace. He understands which battles should not be fought and which battles must be. He is capable of looking past tribal affiliation, hoping to build bridges and exchanges between the other tribes for the benefit of his own. He also wields a strong sense of honor, always upholding the deals he makes and remaining true to his word.

Skills and abilities[]

Hekarro is considered the greatest warrior ever to come from the Tenakth. He began his legacy by surviving in the Valley of the Fallen for three weeks, twice as long as necessary to complete the rite. He was the man ultimately responsible for ending centuries of war within a single generation, having united the Tenakth Clans by the Red Raids.

As a duelist, he was ultimately able to best Regalla when she turned on him. While she nearly bested him in their second encounter, this was due at least in part by Hekarro being distracted by the ruins collapsing around him.


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