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A Health Potion is an obtainable type of potion in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West.


Zero Dawn

Health potions are made from animal extract. Depending on the size, they restore variable amounts of health upon consumption.

Forbidden West

Health potions are made from animal and plant extract.


Zero Dawn

Size Health Restore Cost
Health 150 2 Rich Meat

3 Fatty Meat

Full Health Fully restores health 5 Rich Meat

5 Fatty Meat
5 Bony Meat

Forbidden West

Size Health Restore Cost
Small 313 Instant

188 Overheal

2 Medicinal Skybrush

1 Wild Meat

Medium 563 Instant

338 Overheal

3 Medicinal Skybrush

3 Wild Meat
1 Vigorstem

Large 875 Instant

525 Overheal

5 Medicinal Skybrush

5 Wild Meat
1 Vigorstem

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