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Hawk is the senior rank in the Carja Hunters Lodge hierarchy. The Bylaws of the Lodge mandates the existence of seven Hawks, all of whom are former Thrushes. The rank is for life. The Hawk that kills the machine regarded by the Lodge as the deadliest attains the title and office of Sunhawk, the leader of the Lodge. A Thrush becomes a Hawk solely via the death of the Hawk that sponsored him or her; he or she then takes the Hawk’s place.


Hawks are known for remarkable hunts, such as the hunt of an enormous herd of Grazers, large enough to fill an entire vale, by Farukawas, Sunhawk of the Lodge at that time.[1] It may be presumed that such large-scale hunts induced the artificial intelligence HEPHAESTUS, the creator of the machines, to begin the phenomenon known as the Derangement. This phenomenon made hunting much more dangerous, firstly by the machines becoming much more aggressive, and secondly by the manufacture of deadlier machines specifically intended to dissuade hunting, created by HEPHAESTUS. Hawks are known as the first hunters to engage and kill many of these new machines. Hawk Khuvam, for example, was the first hunter to engage and kill a Sawtooth. Hawk Ghalidid was the first Hunter to encounter and kill Stalkers. Hawk Ahsis was the first Hunter to engage and kill a Thunderjaw, a hunt which made him Sunhawk.[1]

During the reign of the despotic Sun-King Jiran, the Lodge entered its darkest period, in which Jiran had many Hawks, including then-Sunhawk Talavad Khane Padish, sacrificed in the Sun-Ring when they publicly opposed his Red Raids and human sacrifices. However this may also be considered to be the Lodge’s greatest period in terms of the heroism and determination of the Hawks. They worked together to kill every wave of machines that was loosed on them, including two Behemoths that broke into the spectator area. They killed the Behemoths, saving many lives, and ultimately died, presumably from their injuries. Sunhawk Talavad personally killed one before being killed by the second. Ahsis subsequently became Sunhawk via his successful Thunderjaw hunt.

Talavad’s daughter Talanah Khane Padish became one of the first female Hawks. However she resolved to supplant Ahsis as Sunhawk on finding out that he had forbidden all mention of the sacrifice of her father and the other Hawks because his ego could not abide anyone but himself getting glory. She succeeded in doing so, with the help of her Thrush, the Nora huntress Aloy, by killing a Thunderjaw considered to be even deadlier than his own, known as Redmaw.[2]

Known Hawks


  • The rank of Hawk is roughly equivalent to the rank of Brave in the Nora tribe.


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