Harriet Choi was a bioterrorist and a member of the Naysay Doom cult that engineered the "Doom Plague" in 2039.


Choi was born around the year 2019 and at some point she became a member of the cult known as Naysay Doom.

Doom Plague

At the age of twenty in 2039, Harriet engineered a viral cocktail that would come to be called the "Doom Plague." It killed dozens of people in New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, and Shanghai.[1]

Imprisonment and Death

"I am dying, as always, and none are far behind me."
―Harriet Choi

She was arrested and was incarcerated at the PuniTech Inc.'s Alpha Campus for a life sentence. There was widespread public outrage of the decision not to execute Choi for her crimes; she was spared execution when she gave up sixteen higher ranking members of the terrorist cult, which ultimately led to Naysay Doom's collapse.

Later in life, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and refused treatment during her last days in accordance with her religious beliefs. Choi died at the age of fifty-four on September 2, 2063.[1]


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