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"Jorgriz and Beladga are meant for each other, like hammer and steel. They just don't realize it."

Hammer and Steel is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After dispatching the bandits threatening Free Heap, Aloy notices one of the Oseram men on duty looking particularly alert. Kaeluf tells her that two of his friends have gone in pursuit of a convoy of Behemoths to harvest their cables for Oseram Cannons. He explains that Petra initially assigned the task to himself and Beladga, however aware that Beladga and Jorgriz are fond of each other, he agreed to trade places with Jorgriz so the two hunters could spend more time together. Realizing too late that they may be too preoccupied with each other to reach the convoy in time, Kaeluf is worried that they will not be able to get the parts they need. As Kaeluf is unable to go after them himself as he is on guard duty, Aloy offers to look for Jorgriz and Beladga and get the Behemoth cables.

Before leaving, Aloy can visit Petra to inform her of the situation. Aloy reasons that they could trade for the cables if they're unable to harvest them, but Petra states that she doesn't want Free Heap becoming dependent on other settlements.

Aloy sets off for the arch northwest of the settlement where the two hunters were to wait and watch for the herd. As she comes close, Aloy knows she's found them as she hears two people arguing. Approaching them, Jorgriz and Beladga continue to argue between themselves, each blaming the other for why they missed the herd. Having had enough of their bickering, Aloy bluntly states that the reason they couldn't reach their destination in time came down to the fact that they both wanted to spend more time with the other. The three hunters then agree to work together to bring down the herd and gather the cables, heading to the place Beladga and Jorgriz last saw the herd. Reaching the ridge, they follow the herd's tracks.

Reaching the convoy, the three hunters work together to take down the machines. After harvesting the Behemoth cables, Beladga and Jorgriz announce that they've figured out how they're going to be together. Opting to take the cables back to Petra herself, Aloy makes her way back to Free Heap, with Jorgriz and Beladga telling her not to wait for them. After delivering the cables, Kaeluf informs Aloy that as punishment, Petra has assigned him to a month of guard duty. Kaeluf however accepts the punishment, relieved that they succeeded in getting the two Oseram hunters together.


  1. Talk to Petra
  2. Find the Hunters
  3. Talk to the Hunters
  4. Search for the Convoy's Tracks
  5. Follow the Convoy's Tracks
  6. Gather the Behemoth Cables
  7. Talk to the Hunters
  8. Deliver the Behemoth Cables to Petra



Hammer and Steel - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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