Hakurt is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn and a potential quest-giver for Death from the Skies.


Hakurt was a resident of the Oseram settlement Pitchcliff, of which his brother Ralert serves as the mayor.

Associated Quests

Death from the Skies

While traveling in either the Sun-Steps or Sun Furrows, Aloy encounters an injured Hakurt lying on the side of the road. He beckons her forward and explains that the nearby settlement of Pitchcliff is facing prolonged attacks from Glinthawks. He pleads with Aloy to rescue the residents of the settlement before succumbing to his wounds.

Hakurt can be found in a multiple locations in game:

  1. On the road between Free Heap and Pitchcliff, north of the Glarebreak, east of the single Thunderjaw site that has Tramplers; close to where you pick up To Old Acquaintance.[1]
  2. On the road between the Glarebreak and Brin's House, south of the Ravager site[1]
  3. Between Cauldron ZETA and Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds[2]



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