The Greatrun Keeper is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. As Groundskeeper of the Greatrun Hunting Grounds, he oversees the Stamina Trials.


Although highly sociable, the Greatrun Keeper is not well-liked among the other Hunters Lodge members. He states he does not mind being away from the Lodge as there is no one to badger him with complaints about his company or fish-like odor. Even so, he admits he does get lonely as the nearby merchant offers little in the way of interesting conversation.

It appears he may have been offered the position of Keeper as a solution to a problem rather than as a genuine request.

Having never seen a Nora at the Hunting Grounds of the Hunters Lodge, the Greatrun Keeper receives Aloy warmly.

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  • This particular keeper will admit that he feels lonely in his position, to which Aloy could respond by asking about his "friend over there" (the nearby merchant). He answers that the guy never says anything interesting. This could be a 4th wall-breaking reference of how there is always a merchant in Hunting Ground posts despite the lack of people passing by, or that most merchants do not have audible lines or dialogue and function only as portals to the vendor screen.
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