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"Grata follows the law. Her silence towards us is honorable, not an insult."

Grata, also known as Odd Grata, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


It is assumed that Grata was once a member of the Nora tribe, later being banished as an outcast at some point in her life. Why and when she was banished and how long her sentence is is unknown.

Grata lives alone in a simple camp, on a mountainside close to Rost and Aloy. During her time as an outcast, Aloy would bring Grata meat as Grata was too elderly to hunt for herself. Keeping in line with tribal law, Grata would never speak directly with Aloy, instead using prayers to All-Mother to request help.

She is only ever seen kneeling in prayer somewhere in her camp; however, she also at times made the journey to the eastern Overlook to pray, at one point losing her prayer beads and indirectly requesting Aloy to retrieve them, which she does.


Grata is extremely pious, devoted to All-Mother and praying nearly all the time; the only time she is heard speaking is when she is praying to All-Mother.

Grata strictly follows Nora law and therefore does not speak to Aloy, much to Aloy's annoyance. However, Grata seems to indirectly address Aloy under the guise of praying to All-Mother. She expresses whatever gratitude she has to Aloy through her verbal prayer, perhaps ensuring that Aloy does hear her while also obeying The Nora law prohibiting speaking to outcasts.

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  • The name Grata might be derived from the Latin word "grata" which means "thankful".
  • It is unknown how she came by the name "Odd Grata," but it is possible she was known as such before becoming an Outcast, as Rost calls her Odd Grata when instructing Aloy to hunt for her.
  • There is speculation that Grata was the Brave that crossed the Nora border to pull Rost across it back into the Sacred Land after he collapsed at it. This would explain why he shows particular concern for her needs.
  • If Aloy returns to Grata after the Proving, she will not speak to Grata and Grata will still be kneeling in prayer.
  • Grata shares the same face paint as the Proving proctor.
  • It is possible to receive two sets of prayer beads by taking the long way around over the North Gate first.
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