The Glarebreak is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn, to the west of Free Heap and north of the Coiled Canyon. There are Thunderjaw sites in/near the Glarebreak: the first is located north of the Glarebreak; the second site, with two Thunderjaws, is located within the Glarebreak.


Text Datapoints - World


"I left him behind when I left The Claim. Some metal-sellers passed him at the bridge near the Glarebreak.[1]"
Gera, To Old Acquaintance
"The trail of blood dries up shortly after entering the Glarebreak, but not before taking you to another investigation area;... This part of the Glarebreak is home to a very large herd of Tramplers"
Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Guide, p. 429, re: To Old Acquaintance




  1. Location where you find Kendert Go to the bridge near the Glarebreak.png
  2. Caption of photo 6 on from Lucas Bolt of Guerilla Games.
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