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"Me, I'd sooner sleep under the stars than a roof I don't own."

Gera is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is an Oseram living in Hunter's Gathering after leaving The Claim to escape the patriarchal regimes of the Oseram, leaving behind her husband, Kendert.


Gera met her husband Kendert after beating him in an arm-wrestling match. Fed up with the patriarchal society of the Claim, Gera left her homeland in hopes of finding independence. Taking the advice of the ealdormen, Kendert chose to stay behind. Gera eventually settled in Hunter's Gathering, where she built a makeshift bar.


Gera is outspoken and firmly independent. Having cast her own tribe aside, Gera is generally open to all tribes, and is not one to hold a grudge. She makes a daily goal to share a drink with someone she likes, although most days she has to settle for someone she can beat in a fight.

She views Aloy fondly, affectionately nicknaming her "little spark".

Associated Quests

To Old Acquaintance

After Daytower reopened the border, Gera heard that Kendert was coming to find her. However, when she came to Daytower, there was no sign of her husband. While Gera was unsure about whether she wanted to see her husband again, she nevertheless asked Aloy to search for Kendert. Aloy eventually finds Kendert by the Glarebreak, who was hoping to make amends with his wife.

Aloy finds Gera at Daytower, where she is resupplying for her bar. Upon hearing that Kendert is on his way, Gera gives Aloy her thanks, telling her that there will always be a drink for her at Hunter's Gathering. Upon returning home, Gera reunites with her husband.


  • Interacting with Gera prior to completing A Seeker at the Gates, she will offer Aloy a drink of Scrappersap. Aloy also has the chance to ask her about the other tribes and Meridian.
  • After completing To Old Acquaintance, Gera can be seen arm-wrestling Kendert at Hunter's Gathering.
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