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Gediah Kho Veriv is a character in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series. He was a member of the powerful Kho Veriv family of Carja nobles, and a general in the Carja army during the Red Raids, until his death in an altercation with Amadis Beit Raveesh.


Gediah served as a general in the Carja army, stationed in the Forbidden West as part of the Red Raids. Amadis Beit Raveesh was a subordinate officer of his, evidently advising him on strategy.

One evening, during a meeting in Gediah's tent, Amadis learned that the general had sent two units on a mission to attack a force of Tenakth. Amadis protested that the Carja troops would be completely outnumbered by the united opposition of all three Tenakth clans, and that the engagement was sure to be a slaughter. A thoroughly drunk Gediah callously dismissed Amadis' concerns, leading Amadis to threaten to report him to the Carja high command for his alcoholism and his reckless endangerment of his troops. Gediah attempted to bar his exit, and after Amadis pushed past him, he pulled a knife, lunging at Amadis from behind. Amadis countered, but in doing so he drove the general's knife into his body, killing him. Realizing he would be considered a traitor, Amadis fled.


Gediah's family sought revenge for his death, setting fire to Amadis' family manor and placing a sizeable bounty on his head. Amadis lived numerous years as a fugitive after Gediah's death, attempting to evade capture by mercenaries seeking the Kho Veriv's bounty.

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