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"I'm going to need a Bellowback snout - any Bellowback's will do. Can you handle it alone?"

Geared Up: Forgefire is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


In Longnotch, Aloy encounters Burgrend's daughter Varga, an Oseram tinkerer with a special interest in technologically-advanced ranged weapons. Among these is the Forgefire, a fire-spitting weapon.

A month earlier, Varga was commissioned by a fellow Oseram named Ohlgrud to craft a weapon that would shoot flames similar to the attack of a Fire Bellowback; she designed the Forgefire in response. Eventually, Ohlgrud requested to see Varga's progress, but instead ambushed her with a crew of bandits and stole the unfinished weapon. He now wields the Forgefire and presides over the only bandit camp in the Cut, Stone Yield.

This quest can be started after killing Ohlgrud and recovering the Forgefire. Aloy can visit Varga, who will offer to finish the weapon. To do so, she needs the snout from either a Fire or Freeze Bellowback. Despite offering to participate in the machine hunts required to upgrade the Icerail and Stormslinger, Varga asks Aloy to hunt the Bellowback on her own.

Varga makes some adjustments and returns an Improved Forgefire to Aloy, expressing gratitude that her creation is no longer in the hands of a bandit.


  1. Gather a Bellowback Snout
  2. Return to Varga



Geared Up Forgefire - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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