The Gatelands is a region in the eastern and central parts of the Carja Sundom in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The region roughly surrounds the Greatrun River, expanding from the gate Dawn's Sentinel in the east to Lone Light in the west.[1][2]

Much of the Gatelands' geology is comprised of canyons and sedimentary rock formations. The only consistent water source is the Greatrun River, which flows through the region.


After being exiled from the East, Araman and his followers crossed through the Gatelands in their search for a new home. The path they took, which was lined with hardship, became known as the Way of Broken Stones.

Currently, the Gatelands are occupied mainly by the Carja military. Few Carja settle in the region, likely due to the arid climate.


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  • Gatelands contains points that potentially correspond to the real world locations in the state of Utah. Please see the linked section/region pages above for more information.


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