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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

The Frostclaw is a machine exclusive to The Frozen Wilds. Like its twin the Fireclaw, the Frostclaw is classed as an Acquisition Class machine despite it’s main purpose being combat. It is an extremely formidable combat-ready machine, capable of highly damaging Freeze-augmented ranged and melee attacks. It is known to be found only in the Banuk region known as The Cut.


Frostclaws were created by AI HEPHAESTUS at its R&D cauldron, Cauldron EPSILON, in The Cut. These machines were made superior to other machines in terms of armor and damage resistance, and are referred to as Daemonic Machines.

Frostclaws were the second of three machines unique to The Cut that the Nora huntress Aloy encountered. She first encountered a Daemonic Frostclaw in a valley along the pilgrimage route known as the Shaman’s Path. Just before entering the valley, she glimpsed the huge machine at the bottom of a gorge that she had almost fallen into. As she approached the valley, she heard its roars, then saw it proper upon entering the valley. The encounter was complicated by the presence of a Control Tower, which would repair any damage the Frostclaw sustained. She prevailed, neutralizing the Control Tower and killing the Frostclaw. 

Her second encounter with Frostclaws was far deadlier. She and the Banuk chieftain Aratak had just completed the second leg of the hunting challenge that Aloy had mounted against him for his chieftancy. In the final hunting area, they both unexpectedly found themselves up against three Daemonic Frostclaws, which had appeared and killed the hunters who had been driving in their quarry. While Aratak fought bravely, it was Aloy who virtually singlehandedly killed all three Frostclaws, earning Aratak’s respect, deference and voluntary relinquishment of his chieftaincy to her. 

Additionally, she engaged and killed two Daemonic Frostclaws as part of the Chieftain’s Trial at The Cut’s Snowchants Hunting Grounds. She engaged and killed two more alongside the Banuk fighter Inatut at the location known as the Cloud-Shear. Finally, she engaged and killed a Daemonic Frostclaw alongside Aratak and his sister, the Banuk shaman Ourea, as they mounted an expedition through the ancient Firebreak facility to Cauldron EPSILON. Within EPSILON, the three of them saw Frostclaw chassis being transported on an assembly line and engaged and killed another two in a hidden area just off the route to the cauldron’s core.


Like the Fireclaw, the Frostclaw is somewhat ursine in appearance, movement, and locomotion. Its chassis resembles the body and has the gait of a grizzly bear. Presumably, HEPHAESTUS modeled the two huge machines after the long-extinct animal, which was native to the region during the time of the Old Ones. However, while they are extremely formidable and deadly, Frostclaws are not as large as Fireclaws, and have considerably less capacity to sustain damage. The head ends in a pointed, toothy snout with a three-mandible jaw housing a system of grinders. A pair of optical sensor arrays is located in the same position as a bear’s eyes would be. Mounted on each forelimb are a pair of gear-like wheels. There is an armor-protected cryogeneration unit called a Freeze Unit on its chest, and two power cells are located on its upper back. Freeze Sacs, armored storage tanks containing Chillwater are built into its chassis, similar to Freeze Bellowbacks. However, while the Freeze Bellowback’s tanks are prominently placed on its back and throat, the Frostclaw’s Freeze Sacs are seamlessly built into its shoulders, are much more damage resistant, and generally have more armor.


Like the grizzly bear, the Frostclaw is able to adopt both a quadrupedal and bipedal stance. In either stance it employs several fast, relentless and extremely damaging Freeze-based ranged attacks and Freeze-augmented melee attacks. While their capacity to sustain damage is substantially less than that of Fireclaws, it is still formidable. Despite their huge size, Frostclaws are quite fast and agile, able to run at high speed and easily spring up high embankments. Being Freeze-based machines, they are extremely resistant to attacks from weapons that utilize Freeze. Additionally, Daemonic Frostclaws also have all of the abilities of Daemonic Machines: considerably more durable armor and damage resistance, immunity to Corruption, and they cannot be overridden.


The Frostclaw can switch between Quadrupedal and Bipedal stances, each with different sets of unique melee and ranged attacks. The Quadrupedal stance is the default posture when roaming around undisturbed, affording greater agility and traversal options to jump up small cliffs and leap over gaps to chase Aloy across the environment. During combat, it will typically adopt this four-legged posture when far away, and make use of the improved mobility to close the distance. Most of its attacks while in this stance are melee-focused, repositioning itself with quick tumble-dodges to keep up the pressure, but it can use a long-ranged terrestrial attack of tunneling Icicles which track Aloy's position across different elevations or behind cover and erupt directly beneath her feet.

In the Bipedal stance, the Frostclaw's mobility is severely limited but adds enough ranged attacks to compensate for this drawback. The Frostclaw tends to adopt this upright two-legged posture at close to mid-range, aggressively chaining together multiple claw slashes in a row and weaponizing the Freeze Unit on its torso to spew out streams of ice fragments. If Aloy retreats out of range of the Frostclaw's close-quarters attacks, it can scrape at the ground with its wrist-mounted grinders to lob frozen chunks of solidified dirt and rock in her direction or launch itself in the air and come crashing down back-first at Aloy's position to crush her under its massive weight.

Freeze Blades

Freeze Blades enhance the majority of the Frostclaw's melee-based attacks with extended range and additional Freeze damage per hit. These Blades are formed during the attack's startup animation, and dissolve immediately once the move ends. Lingering Ice Patches are left behind and cover the ground whenever Freeze Blades are active, slowing down Aloy's movement and dealing residual Freeze damage when stepped on. Destroying the shoulder-mounted Freeze Sacs permanently disables the ability to generate Freeze Blades on the corresponding arm.


The Frostclaw can summon Icicles as part of certain attacks which generate a small explosion as they erupt from the ground. The Icicles are surrounded by icy mist which damages upon contact but dissipates after a short period of time, while the Icicles themselves remain standing indefinitely and impair movement until shattered by Aloy's attacks or the Frostclaw itself. Destroying the Frostclaw's Freeze Unit removes the ability to produce Icicles entirely.

Ice Storm

After sustaining enough damage, the Frostclaw briefly encases its chassis in a protective ice coating and generates a freezing aura around itself which damages upon contact and negates severity buildup or currently applied status effects. This frenzied state is automatically triggered once the Frostclaw's total health reaches 70% of its maximum value and then again at 25%. Destroying the Freeze Unit permanently deactivates this special attack.


Like all Freeze-based machines, Frostclaws are particularly susceptible to attacks from weapons that utilize Fire. However, if a Burn state is inflicted on them, they are able to surround themselves with an icy aura that instantly dissipates it. Furthermore, though they are extremely resistant to Freeze, they can in fact be frozen by a sufficiently powerful Freeze explosion. This can be triggered by destroying their Freeze Sacs or their Freeze Units. Additionally, destroying the Freeze Sacs located on its shoulders weakens the claw slash attacks and disables the Frostclaw’s ability to augment them with Freeze, and destroying the Freeze Unit located on its chest disables the ranged terrestrial attacks. Provided both its Freeze Sacs and Freeze Unit have been destroyed, a permanent frozen state will be inflicted on the Frostclaw. Their power cells can be overloaded via strikes from Shock Arrows, triggering an electrical explosion that stuns them. This is the only way to electrically stun a Daemonic Frostclaw, given its high innate resistance to Shock damage.


Quadruped Stance

Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Ice Spikes Melee/
125 each 25 Freeze per second 15m - 50m Brings impaling ice spikes up out of the ground at enemy
Back Slash Melee/
150/75 25 Freeze per second 1m - 15m (front)
3m -15m (back)
Backhanded claw slash
Fury Slash Melee/
200/100 - 3m - 18m Series of three forward claw slashes
Lunge Dive Melee/
200/100 - 3m - 18m Charging forward dive at enemy
Back Crush Melee 200 50 Explosion 8m - 11m Charging backward dive at enemy
Lunge Slash Melee/
200/100 - 8m - 14m Short-range rising claw slash

Biped Stance

Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Hail Storm Freeze-Icon.png Freeze 145 per second - 10m - 20m Spews hailstones from Freeze Unit at enemy
Frost Blast Freeze-Icon.png Freeze
200/100 - 0m - 8m Defensive radial cryo-blast
Grinder Scrape Melee
Freeze-Icon.png Freeze
125/75 - 15m - 50m Scrapes chunks of solidified dirt and rock at enemy
Claw Slash Freeze-Icon.png Freeze
150/75 - 2m - 8m (front)
3m - 6m (back)
Up to 6 ice-augmented claw slashes
Frost Dive Melee 200 Explosion 50 Melee 10m - 25m (front)
7m - 17m (back)
Charging backward dive accompanied by emerging ice spikes from ground
Frost Crush Freeze-Icon.png Freeze
200/100 - 6m - 13m Bear-hug against Freeze Unit; if the Shield-Weaver is equipped, getting grabbed instantly depletes the shield

Both Stances

Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Frost Slam Melee 200 - 0m - 5m Defensively brings up ice spikes from ground in radial pattern
Ice Storm Freeze-Icon.png Freeze 50 per second - - Desperation defensive attack (employed upon sustaining 30% and 75% damage); cryo-aura around chassis damages enemy on contact; negates any severity buildup or current status effects applied


Component: Image: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Body Frostclaw-body.png Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems Fire-Icon.pngFire Freeze-Icon.pngFreeze
Freeze Sac Frostclaw-Freeze-sac.png Destruction triggers a Freeze explosion, inflicts temporary Freeze state and disables Freeze-augmentation of claw attacks All None
Freeze unit Frostclaw-Freeze-Unit.png Destruction triggers a Freeze explosion, inflicts a temporary Freeze state and disables all Freeze-based attacks other than claws All None
Power Cell Frostclaw-power-cell.png Sparker can be looted from this component. Shooting this component with Shock Arrows will trigger an explosion, electrifying anything in its radius. Tear-Icon.pngTear



  • The Frostclaw also bears a resemblance to the cryptid known as the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, claimed to have been seen in the modern-day Himalayan mountains.
  • During The Frozen Wilds development, Frostclaws were referred to as CryoBears.[1]



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