"The Free Heap. Free, because we answer to no-one but ourselves, the metal and the dust storms. And the Heap's back there."
Petra Forgewoman

Free Heap is an independent Oseram freehold in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the northeast part of the Carja Sundom, close to the border it used to share with the Sacred Lands.


The frontier town was built by work gangs who originally arrived in Meridian to build the city's massive elevators but fled the city during the Mad Sun-King Jiran's reign.[1] Petra Forgewoman led a group of Oseram across the Sundom, taking odd jobs until the war ended and promising those who stuck with her to find a place for them to live. Eventually, Petra found the location she was looking for.[1]

Free Heap was established near a massive scrap heap assembled by Oseram past from metal left behind by the Old Ones. This scrap is invaluable to the Oseram, as the tribe of crafters and smiths depend on the materials for their livelihood. Thus, Petra has tinkered fierce weapons, Oseram Cannons, to bolster their defense of the scrapyard.

Free Heap exists independently of the greater Oseram territory of the Claim, consequently the inhabitants of Free Heap refuse to adhere to Oseram tribal laws or taxes.



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