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Foxes are a species of wildlife in Horizon Zero Dawn commonly found in wooded areas. When killed, they drop loot vital for several crafting recipes.


In the Old World, this particular animal was called the Red Fox, or Vulpes vulpes, the largest species of fox. They were once found throughout the entire northern hemisphere of the planet.

Not at all as common as boars or turkeys, foxes can be difficult to spot without the use of the Focus.

Foxes will not attack or cause any harm to Aloy. Instead, they will flee when Aloy gets close, unless undetected.

While Aloy can generally keep up with them on foot, foxes run in random patterns to avoid her, so they are hard to hit with a spear or arrows.

Loot Acquired

When killed, foxes will drop common items such as various types of meat but sometimes they will drop either Fox Skin or Fox Bone, both very valuable items that are useful for some upgrades or trading with merchants.

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