"The Forsaken Village that Marea spoke of. It's in shambles."
―Aloy, upon first visiting the Forsaken Village

The Forsaken Village, formerly known as Mother's Vigil, is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is located in Valleymeet, an area formerly part of Nora territory, and close to Daytower.


The Forsaken Village was formerly a Nora settlement known as Mother's Vigil that was home to many families including Rost, his mate, and their six-year-old daughter Alana. It was the northernmost Nora settlement, close to the border between Carja and Nora territory.

Prior to the Red Raids and the Derangement, twelve outlanders descended on Mother's Vigil, attacking the settlement and taking a number of hostages including Alana. Rost's mate was killed while trying to fend off the attackers. The motive behind the attack was never discovered.

Years later, the settlement's proximity to the border made it a target for one of the Red Raids, and it was destroyed by the Carja military. Surviving members of the village relocated to Mother's Crown, including a fifteen-year-old Marea. As the Nora chose not to return to the Valleymeet region following the end of the war, the village has remained abandoned, and became known as the Forsaken Village.

Associated Quests

In Foreign Lands

In 3040, the Corruption spread close to the Forsaken Village; the Carja military at Daytower sent out several patrols to confirm the threat. One group was attacked by Corrupted machines, with only the soldiers Walid and Lakhir surviving the attack. Captain Balahn requests Aloy's assistance in tracking down any survivors during the side quest In Foreign Lands. She investigates the Forsaken Village during her search, finding a soldier's corpse.


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