In the Carja Hunters Lodge, a Fledgling is a hunter who has been admitted to the Lodge. According to the Lodge’s current bylaws, any hunter who wins three Half Suns at any of the Lodge’s five Hunting Grounds is allowed admittance to the Lodge and therefore can become a Fledgling. However, Fledglings are not actually members of the Lodge. Membership itself consists of two ranks. In descending order of seniority these are Hawk and Thrush. A Fledgling becomes a Thrush via sponsorship by a Hawk.

While most Fledglings seek and await a Hawk’s sponsorship, a Fledgling may instead serve the Lodge in other ways, such as a Hunting Grounds Keeper. The Spurflints Keeper, for example, is a Fledgling who was assigned to oversee the Spurflints Hunting Grounds.

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