A flashpoint is a mechanic that supports the dialogue and story in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Flashpoints occur at key moments in dialogue during quests. They give the player an opportunity to develop Aloy's personality by choosing between three different reactions. Each flashpoint choice will produce some unique dialogue, but only a small number of decisions impact the story itself.


Flashpoints can be distinguished from regular dialogue options because they will include three icons representing the three possible ways for Aloy to respond: with heart, intellect, or threat.

Icon Choice
Flashpoint Heart Choosing the heart option will cause Aloy to express compassion and understanding.
Flashpoint Brain Choosing the brain option will cause Aloy to use her insight to find a clever solution.
Flashpoint Fist Choosing the fist option will cause Aloy to confront the challenge abrasively.


"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

Flashpoints with consequences

Main Quests

Prompt Choices Result
During Lessons of the Wild
Bast throws a rock at Aloy. Flashpoint Heart Drop your rock Changes Aloy's response to Bast's taunts during Mother's Heart.
Flashpoint Brain Knock the rock from his hands
Flashpoint Fist Aim for his head
During Mother's Heart
Rost: "This is goodbye." Flashpoint Heart I understand Changes Aloy's dialogue during her first visit to Rost's Grave.
Flashpoint Brain But I will find you
Flashpoint Fist Then good riddance
During The City of the Sun
Decide Olin's fate. Flashpoint Heart Redeem yourself Changes the events of the errand Collateral (as well as whether Olin lives or dies).
Flashpoint Brain This is complicated
Flashpoint Fist Your life is forfeit
During The Sun Shall Fall
Avad: "I could use someone like you at my side." Flashpoint Heart I need to go my own way Changes Avad's dialogue during his next encounter with Aloy.
Flashpoint Brain I'm not a substitute
Flashpoint Fist Like you "used" Ersa?
During The Heart of the Nora
Lansra: "We must stop her!" Flashpoint Heart Let go of your fear, Lansra Changes Lansra's dialogue after Aloy exits ELEUTHIA-9.
Flashpoint Brain Ignore them and enter the Hatch
Flashpoint Fist You're not stopping me

Side Quests and Errands

Prompt Choices Result
During The Survivor
White Teeth Chieftain: "Convince me what an outlander's word is worth." Flashpoint Heart She's endured more than most Changes optional dialogue with Mailen.
Flashpoint Brain By the rules of the ordeal, she survived
Flashpoint Fist She gave up everything for your rules
During The Hunters Three
Tulemak: "What will you remember of us?" Flashpoint Heart What you've endured Determines the name of the hunters' werak.
Flashpoint Brain What you fight for
Flashpoint Fist What you've accomplished
During Frontier Justice
Inatut: "Where else would I go?" Flashpoint Heart Go where you feel you belong Changes the circumstances of Aloy's next encounter with Inatut.
Flashpoint Brain Maybe you're in a good position
Flashpoint Fist You don't owe the werak anything

Other Flashpoints

Main Quest

Prompt Choices
During The Womb of the Mountain
Resh: "No wonder a curse is upon us and children lie dead under cairns of stone." Flashpoint Heart You dishonor the dead
Flashpoint Brain You're a nobody
Flashpoint Fist Watch your tongue

Sidequests and Errands

Prompt Choices
During The Forge of Winter
Aloy: "You're asking me if you should lie to them."
CYAN: "Broadly, yes."
Flashpoint Heart Take it gently
Flashpoint Brain Use your judgement
Flashpoint Fist You're got to tell them the truth
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